Are you finding the stairs difficult, installing a stairlift offers a safe and reliable solution

Stairlifts can facilitate straight stairs, stairs with bends, spiral stairs and stairs with obstructions e.g. doorways at the bottom.  We’ll survey your stairs to ensure the most suitable option for you.

Handicare stairlifts (straight and curved rail) are easy to use and offers all the basic features you would expect, with safety as standard.


•   Minimal intrusion

•   Track fitted to stairs – not the wall

•   Supplied in neutral shade, wipe clean upholstery will compliment most colour schemes (various colours available on some models)

•   Battery back-up – Stairlift will continue to work in event of power cut

•   Compact unit folds up leaving the staircase free for other users

•   2 remote controls allowing you to park at top or bottom of stairs. Ideal for multi-users


Additional Powered Features

•   Powered swivel seat – seat will turn automatically

•   Powered footplate – footplate will fold with seat/arm

•   Slide rail (available with straight flight) a unique solution if you have an obstruction at the base of the stairs e.g. doorway, the track will move up the staircase the same time as the seat leaving doorway at base of stairs unobstructed

•   Auto hinge section (available with curved rail stairlifts) to prevent track from obstructing doorway at base of the stairs